Project description
Stethoscope app helps users control their health conditions. The app has a very convenient interface and easy instructions through which users can do medical exams without doctors.
The mobile app for the electronic stethoscope
participating specialists
hours of development
Control your health changes
Save, listen to and share your results.

The users of Stethoscope get the option of sending results to their doctor if they need further professional advice.

The app enables users to listen to their lungs without calling in a doctor or going to the health centre.
High-quality diagnostics without doctor’s assistance
The app offers you an instant way of running a full diagnostics without anyone’s help.
Step-by-step instructions for precise results
Clear instructions present in the app allow users to get the results similar to the ones they can get from a professional doctor with many years of experience.
Interaction with the app
Via an extremely convenient interface using this complex medical device becomes easy and simple for patients of all ages.
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