Project description
The client was looking for a reliable solution for the city residents and government officials with the objective of increasing their loyalty and decision-making efficiency as well as making their communication easy and quick.
The mobile app for Nizhny Novgorod city residents
Moy Nizhny
participating specialists
hours of development
The most important is on the home screen
All the users willing to keep up with city events can go through the detailed information present on the home screen. Also, the info blocks are dynamically adapted to user’s necessities.
Children in school
The app users get some special features like an electronic record book, school attendance record and the current balance of the card “School meals”.
Cultural Nizhny Novgorod
Moy Nizhny app keeps the city residents informed of significant events and city management organisations initiatives as well as allows users to buy tickets just in one click.
Virtual assistant
Government officials get the option of virtual assistance which can help them process applications, plan and make decisions. It also shows the current status of various spheres regarding the region.
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