Project description
The mobile app was created for beginners or professionals and allows them to choose and plan individual workout programs and read useful articles.
The mobile app for fitness instructors and their groups
participating specialists
hours of development
534 is all you need
to stay fit
The app offers professional workout programs, diets and a planner which help users stay healthy, exercise regularly and be the best version of themselves.
Don’t miss
workout days
The app keeps users informed of the upcoming workouts through the notifications feature. It also allows them to make up an individual workout plan which perfectly fits into their everyday schedule.
Focus on becoming better with every exercise
Users of get the feature of the video player exclusively developed for the app. It gives them all the necessary instructions during the workout, a deeper understanding of their current progress and also motivates them to repeat everything they would do with an actual fitness instructor.
Setting up a profile
Allow users to set up the app in case of necessity. We created privacy settings and notifications so that they would be convenient for everyone.
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